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So, you’re new to the ward…

I’m sorry that I’m a day late with this post. For the past week, I have focused on spiritual goals. I haven’t been to church since the beginning of January and I found out my ward got a new bishopric. I met with the new bishop last Wednesday night and attended church this past Sunday. […]

So, you’re a college grad…

Well, I did it. I’ve graduated. When I look back at the past six years, it seems like a dream. My last semester, the busiest one I’ve ever had, was my most fun semester. 18 credits, working full-time and a PR trip to Los Angeles later, I’m ready for the real world. What’s next? I’ve […]

SLC PR Excursion

I was able to go up to Salt Lake last Friday with the UVU PR crew. We had appointments with Richter7, Intrepid and Saxton Horne. Below are some “Golden Nuggets” I wrote down at these meetings. Richter7:  Interview Tips: Show up 3-5 minutes early, dress professionally, bring your typo-free resume, bring something to write on and […]

Teaching UVU PR Students.

I had the opportunity to teach students in my PR Case Studies and PR Campaigns class yesterday about our trip to Los Angeles. I went through each day, what we did, who we met with and “Golden Nuggets” I learned from the people we met. Below are the slides I presented: One student walked in […]

Trip Summary.

Reading what needed to be done to prepare for the PR trip in Los Angeles was overwhelming. It was important that I broke up the to-do-list so I could successfully accomplish each item. It was assigned to read The New York Times Business and National sections Monday through Friday. Reading these sections for the two […]

Know all!

Today was the Regional PRSSA Conference at Cal-State Fullerton. We arrived at the university around 9:30 a.m. and they had the welcome and chapter roll call. When they called Utah Valley University… we stood up and chanted: PR PR, Utah Valley. WE ARE, WE ARE, the PR CREW! The keynote speaker was Todd Cooley. He […]

Taco Bell!

Today was another awesome day! We had the chance to tour Taco Bell’s headquarters. We met with Matthew Prince. He is the PR & Newsroom Manager at Taco Bell. We were able to listen to a few of the employees and get their advice. My favorite advice: Be there for people. Send congrats and keep up […]

Universal Studios Hollywood

We left the hotel around 8:30 to head toward Universal Studios Hollywood. Traffic wasn’t too bad and we were at the park before it opened. We started the day in the lower lot and went on: Transformers 3D, Revenge of the Mummy and Jurassic Park (my personal fave). We ate lunch at Moe’s in Springfield. […]

Go above and beyond!

On the drive to our first appointment, we passed the Warner Bro’s studio lot. You could say I was fan-girling because Pretty Little Liars is filmed there. Yes, it’s my guilty pleasure. Anyways, we met up with Philip Sokoloski. He is the Vice President of Integrated Communications. It was really interesting to hear about the company. Their […]