I'm LDS and a lover of everything pop culture, concerts, camping and spending time with family and friends.
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I recently received my 23andMe information back and wanted to share some details: Ancestry Composition European: 99.8% Northwestern European: 95.1% British & Irish: 41.8% (Greater London, Greater Manchester, Tyne and Wear, Lancashire, Belfast, Glasgow City, West Midlands, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Merseyside) French & German: 33% (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) Scandinavian: 3.3% Broadly Northwestern European: 17% Southern […]

Goodbye 2019. Hello 2020.

I started the year off sick in bed with the worst case of strep I think I’ve ever had.  A few things to note… This year I had some high highs and some low lows. There were days at a time where I was super depressed, stayed in bed, cried myself to sleep, went silent […]