Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

April Showers Bring May Flowers

April 1: Work. Watched The Voice and Ellen’s Game of Games. FaceTimed with Kylie. Chase made cookies and we played Hand and Foot. April 2: Got up early and cleaned upstairs. Capri, Marissa, and I worked out. Work day. Marissa and I played cards. Taylor and Kaitlyn are moving to Boise. Taylor and Rick arrived from driving cross-country. We had dinner. Chase, Marissa, and I watched Survivor. Lindsay Lohan’s new song, Back to Me, is now out! Whooohooo! April 3: We went on a walk with the dogs. Work. Lindsay Lohan did a Q&A session on Youtube before the premiere of the lyric video for Back to Me. She then went live on Instagram to answer more questions. Chase and I got dinner. Played cards with Marissa and Rick. Kaitlyn arrived. We played more games. April 4: Day 1 of conference. We played outside in between sessions. Had pizza for dinner and watched the evening session. The Lord loves effort. Celebration of the restoration. Continuing to be true to the gospel is true conversion. Went to bed early. April 5: Day 2 of conference. We did a Hosanna shout. Played yard games and then watched the second session. Played Four Square out on the road. Kaitlyn made a potato bar for dinner. We played cards. Marissa and I watched A Million Little Things. April 6: Work. I watched The Masked Singer and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Marissa brought us Thai food for lunch. Played Kubb out back. Kaitlyn made sweet n’ sour meatballs for dinner. We played Secret Hitler and then watched Harriet. April 7: Work. We played Spikeball out back. We watched American Idol and then laid out back under the stars. April 8: Work. We watched American Idol and The Voice. We had chicken enchiladas for dinner. Spent the night catching up on 9-1-1. April 9: Work. Played Phase 10 with Marissa during my lunch break. Listened to Lover live with fellow Swifties. We had Panda Express for dinner. Zoom call with family. We played Hand and Foot and then watched Survivor. April 10: Work, card games, dinner, went on a walk, ice-cream, watched Robin Hood Men in Tights. Typical quarantine day. April 11: Cleaned out my car. We watched some old game shows and then went to Snake River to play lawn games to get out of the house. We watched Mrs. Doubtfire. April 12: Easter Sunday! Had a great lesson. Opened 12 eggs that had something to do about Jesus and Chase read a story. Kaitlyn and Marissa made a great dinner. We played Risk and Jackbox TV. April 13: Work and walked in a place for a few hours to hit step goal. Received my stimulus check. We played Hand and Foot. April 14: Worked. Went Walmart during lunch. Watched Lindsay Lohan on David Spade’s show. We played Machi Koro. Watched the sunset and started the TV show: Hunters. April 15: Worked. Marissa and I watched The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart. FaceTimed with Tasha, my parents, and my grandma. We had KFC for dinner. We watched Ellen’s Game of Games and more of Hunters. April 16: Worked 7-3 today. FaceTimed with Kylie. We went on a walk, played Machi Koro, Monoply, got Papa Murphy’s for dinner, and watched Survivor and Hunters. April 17: Work. Marissa and I watched Songland and The Voice. I watched 9-1-1. Everyone came up and we watched Disney’s Sing-a-Long. Played games. Watched more of Hunters. April 18: Took Marissa to the airport. I spent the day watching Global Citizen’s Together at Home event. Saw performances by The Killers, Niall Horan, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and tons more. Chase and I finished Hunters. April 19: Chase taught a lesson for church. Watched The Parent Trap and listened to parts of Elaine (Meredith) and Lisa (Chessy) Instagram live. We went on a drive, ate, fire, s’mores, and slept out in the tent. April 20: Werk, werk, werk, werk werk. We had spaghetti for dinner and watched Zenon! April 21: Watched Grant and Kendall’s wedding on Zoom. Worked. We had dinner from a Thai truck and watched Heavyweights. April 22: Another work day. Chase, the kids, and I went and got Taco Bell for dinner. Marissa got home. We watched The Voice and started Waco. April 23: Work. Watched The Voice, Songland, and The Masked Singer. We played games, had hot dogs for dinner, and I made a TikTok ranking the Lover songs. Ended the night watching Survivor. April 24: Marissa made us all breakfast. Worked. Played a new game called Azul that Kaitlyn bought. Went on a walk. Dinner, games, and we watched The Rookie. April 25: Went on a jog. Played games, watched a documentary, went on a drive, and made a TikTok with Capri. We had dinner and watched Miss Congeniality and Drive Me Crazy. April 26: Weird mood today. We had church and ate an early dinner. I FaceTimed my mom out on the grass. We watched Honey, We Shrunk the Kids, had a fire with s’mores, and played card games. April 27: Went on a walk before work. A lot of meetings today. We watched American Idol. Had pasta from a place called Romio’s. Started a show called: Never Have I Ever on Netflix. April 28: Went on a walk before work. I finished Never Have I Ever throughout the day. Got Arctic Circle for dinner and watched Waco. April 29: Another work day. Watched American Idol, Waco, and Songland today. Capri and I did a fun TikTok. Kaitlyn trimmed my hair. I went on an hour walk after dinner. We played Hand and Foot. April 30: Work. We went on a walk during lunch. We watched The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, had Thai for dinner, watched Survivor, Mr. Deeds, and The Adjustment Bureau.

Gym/Workout Count: A lot of walks.

TV Shows: 9-1-1, 160th Annual General Conference, A Million Little Things, American Idol, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Disney’s Sing-A-Long, Ellen’s Game of Games, Global Citizen’s Together at Home, Hunters, Never Have I Ever, Press Your Luck, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Songland, Supermarket Sweepstakes, Survivor, The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, The Masked Singer, The Voice, The Weakest Link, Waco

Movies: Circus of Books, Drive Me Crazy, Harriet, Heavyweights, Honey, We Shrunk the Kids, Miss Congeniality, Mr. Deeds, Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Hood Men in Tights, The Adjustment Bureau, The Parent Trap, The Rookie

Music: Lindsay Lohan’s new single and lyric video: Back to Me, I Dare You by Kelly Clarkson, I’m Ready by Demi Lovato and Sam Smith

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 167,465 . Average per day: 5,582.

Gratitude: job security, caring managers, FaceTimed with Kylie, got a good workout in, Rick and Taylor getting here safe, ice cream, Lindsay putting out new music, seeing a woodpecker, my coat, Lindsay dropped the lyric video, Kaitlyn getting here safely, listening to General Conference, a good breakfast, Rick gave me a haircut, my first Hosanna shout, the world choirs singing, playing some yard games, Thai food for lunch, Kaitlyn’s cooking, Harriet Tubman, cereal, Spikeball, the stars, time to catch up on shows, a bed, working laptop, games with family, technology, funny videos, a new day, Friday, participating in a world fast, my car, getting out of the house, Mrs. Doubtfire, great church lesson, Jesus Christ, spiritual promptings, hit my step goal, received stimulus check. The Amazing Race premiere was announced, got some new clothes, the sunset, ate a healthy breakfast, FaceTiming with Tasha, my parents, and my grandma, productive work day, manager calling me to check up, winning Machi Koro, pizza, new music from Kelly Clarkson, Sam Smith, and Demi Lovato, Disney’s Sing-A-Long, working laptop, safe travels, music, together at home, The Parent Trap, drives, fire, s’mores, slept out in the tent, spaghetti, watching movies with the kids, technology, being able to work remotely, seeing Grant and Kendall’s wedding, Heavyweights, quiet work day, Marissa got home safely, good company, playing games, sunsets, playing new games, getting butterflies, went on a jog, checked out a local garden shop, slept in, nice weather, yummy dinner, rainy weather, pasta, Marissa, fun new shows to watch, Amanda painting a canvas for me, Kaitlyn cutting my hair, a good month, appreciating nights in