Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

August 2021

August 1: I got on the road around 9. I got McDonald’s, stopped in Cedar for snacks, and got to Salem around 3. I got caught up on Love Island and posted my July recap blog post. Kylie and I had dinner and watched Big Brother. Fell asleep with my window open listening to the rainstorm. August 2: I worked. Shinah got our Lovers & Friends tickets. I watched Love Island and Kevin Can F**k Himself. Kenzie, Brittany, and I went to the gym to pack backpacks. I watched more of Kevin Can F**k Himself at home and then The Bachelorette. Amanda and Bre came over. We went to their wedding venue and then got doughnuts and creamies. Kylie and I watched The Hills: New Beginnings. August 3: I finished last night’s The Bachelorette episode. I got iced coffee and went to work. I got caught up on American Horror Stories and finished season 1 of Kevin Can F**k Himself after work. August 4: I went to work. I watched Love Island. Kenzie and I went to Raising Cane’s in Provo for lunch. Played pool with Shae during my 1-1. I got stuff for chicken enchiladas and made those. Kylie and I watched Big Brother, Love Island, and then the new episode of American Horror Stories. August 5: I went to work. Taylor Swift posted the next challenge to figure out the vault songs on Red. Kenzie and I pieced stuff together. I watched Ted Lasso, Big Brother, and Love Island after work. August 6: Super bad air quality. I got an iced coffee and went to work. Brittany and I went to Costco during lunch so I could get gas. We got lunch and played Bananagrams. We had book club today. I went through the stuff in my room and decluttered. I watched Ted Lasso. August 7: I did laundry and some cleaning this morning. Kylie and I watched Baby Mama and then she left on her trip. I got Jimmy John’s for lunch. I got caught up on Ted Lasso. My dad, mom, and grandma picked me up. We went to the Alan Jackson concert at the Vivint Arena. We had seats in the Vivint suite. We got Cupbop for dinner and my grandma got J-Dawg’s. Cory Farley opened up. This was my 139th concert. My favorite songs were: Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning), Remember When, and Chattahoochee. Great show. August 8: I got my Walmart pickup order. I watched Debris and put together a paper chain countdown. I watched Drag Race Holland, had dinner, and then watched Schmigadoon. August 9: I donated plasma and went into work. Jenn, Kenzie, and I went to Kneader’s to get carrot cake. I got wine on the way home. I walked on the treadmill at my apartment gym. Kenzie came over and we watched The Bachelorette finale. Katie chose Blake! August 10: I got into work late. Jonathan, Shae, Brittany, Kenzie, Jenn, and I had a team lunch at Super Chix. I was going to go to a cycle class at 6:30, but ran into traffic. I went over to Ciara’s. We went to dinner at Sapa and hung out at her house after. August 11: I went to work. I played pool with Shae. I watched Love Island and started season 1 of Survivor. I went to the mall after work, got Chinese food, and watched The Exorcist (Director’s Cut) at home for the first time. August 12: I got into work late. Worked on cleaning out our Google Drive. I watched Big Brother and Love Island. I had leftovers for dinner and watched Big Brother and Love Island live, watched the new American Horror Stories episode, and listened to new music that dropped. August 13: Put together a playlist for Dallin for his daughter’s soccer games, haha. We got food from the Comfort Bowl food truck for lunch, so yummy! Kylie got home. I went up to Salt Lake and had dinner with Sarah T., checked out her apartment, and we went to a bar across the street from her place. August 14: I slept in. Amanda, Bre, and I went to Peace on Earth, Guru’s for lunch, and some stores. We hung out with Brooke and Andrew after. August 15: I slept in and then did a load of laundry. I went to Walmart. I got caught up on Love Island, Drag Race Holland, Ted Lasso, and Schmigadoon! I did budget, journal, and some work stuff. Kylie got home. We watched America’s Got Talent, Big Brother, ordered food, watched the finale of Love Island, and finished season 2 of The Hills: New Beginnings. August 16: I donated plasma. I stopped at Jiffy Lube for my car registration. I worked. I went to Olive Garden with my mom for dinner. Ended the night starting Chernobyl on HBO. August 17: I stopped at Dutch Bros and then went into the office. Kenzie and I played pool during lunch. Chatted with Sarah after work and then got Burger King for dinner from the T-Mobile Tuesday offer. I watched America’s Got Talent and then Kylie and I watched Bachelor in Paradise. August 18: I donated plasma and then headed into the office on this rainy day in my Taylor Swift blue sweater. Shae’s basement flooded so he headed home. I had leftovers and watched America’s Got Talent and Big Brother after work. August 19: We had a Quarterly Kickoff meeting in the gym. I had Good Grindz for lunch. Ended the day with a meeting in building 1. Chatted with Zac after work and left the office around 6. Kassidi, Brittany, and I had dinner at Cracker Barrel. We played Mario Kart and Mario Party at her house after. I stopped and visited my grandma on the way home. August 20: I watched Big Brother and packed. Kylie and I made our way to Destiny and Colten. We stopped at Amanda and Bre’s, wrote on the our car windows to buy the brides a drink, and hit the road. We stopped in Beaver and carried on to our Airbnb. Andrew, Brooke, Colby, and Lucy got there early to decorate. Lucy, Brooke, and I went to Costco to get stuff for the weekend. We hung out in the pool and Andrew cooked for us. We hung out in the living room. I went to bed in the back game room. August 21: Bad hangover, haha. Pool day in our heart shaped sunglasses. Listened to music and hung out. Lucy and I pieced together plans for Amanda’s side for the night. We had Uber’s pick us up after 7 and we headed to Fremont Street. We ate dinner at Dick’s. The waiter wrote the following on my hat: ‘I am the favorite in the male locker room.’ We walked the street. Amanda, Kylie, Lauren, Makayla, Destiny, and Lucy went to Area 15 and explore Omegle Mart. We met up with everyone at the Linq after. Kylie, Bre, Amanda, and I headed home first. Hung out for a bit when everyone got back and then went to bed. August 22: We cleaned up and went to breakfast. Ran a few errands and I drove us home. We got into Springville around 6:30. I dropped stuff off at my parent’s. Kylie and I got Del Taco. I got caught up on my journal, went through pictures, finished laundry, and packed for the week. August 23: I hit the road at 7:30. I got breakfast and pulled over around 10 to get Ben Platt tickets for Kylie and I. A couple more pit stops and posted photos from the Vegas weekend. I met Chase, Sebastian, and Sawyer at their soda shop they recently opened. Went to their home. We went to the corner for Capri and Addy to get off the bus from school. We had dinner and played games on their Wii. We watched a Korean show called Crash Landing on You. Marissa and I then watched a couple episodes of Never Have I Ever. August 24: I started working at 7. I got ready and set up at the kitchen counter. Marissa and I went to the soda shop around 11. We had sushi for lunch. Headed home. Marissa, the kids, and I went to Boise and met up with Rick, Michele, Taylor, and Kaitlyn. We ate at Chuck-a-rama and went to Wahooz after so the kids could play in the arcade. August 25: I started work at 7 again. I woke up at like 6:45. I watched the following before lunch: Big Brother, American Horror Stories, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Ted Lasso. Had leftovers and Marissa and I watched Bachelor in Paradise. I went and hung out with Chase at the soda shop. I helped make drinks and box cookies for customers. Funny filters on Snapchat with the kids. I made them dinner. Marissa got home and we watched the show Alone. August 26: I started work at 7. Had Marissa’s yummy tomato soup for lunch. I got off at 1:35. Chase and I went and watched Free Guy and had popcorn. Capri and I watched The Kissing Booth 3. Marissa brought us home Jack in the Box for dinner. We watched Alone. August 27: I started work at 7. I watched Big Brother and Ted Lasso. I got off at 1. Marissa and I played Azul. We went to the shop, car wash, grocery store pickup, and then the Thai food truck. Chase came and picked me up. Marissa’s parent’s got home. We played games and watched Alone. August 28: Chase and I went to McCall, Idaho. We ate at The Pancake House. We walked around the lake and downtown. I got a David Bowie lunchbox at a thrift store. We had ice cream and then got into the lake in Cascade. Freezing. Played with the kids outside. Marissa made dinner. We played games. Chase, Marissa, and I made a TikTok on the tramp to a Hannah Montana song. We played more games and watched Alone. August 29: I said goodbye and hit the road after 9. I made it into Clearfield around 2 and had a date with a guy named Tanner. We had dinner, went on a walk, and watched Golden Girls at his place. I got home around 8:30. Kylie and I got Del Taco for a late dinner. August 30: I don’t feel well. Working from home this week. I went to the bank during my lunch break and a tattoo shop to have someone replace my nipple piercings. Kylie and I watched Big Brother and Drag Race. I had dinner and watched Pen15. Kylie and I started Modern Family. August 31: I worked from my bed all day. Took a nap during my lunch break. I watched the following throughout the day: Bachelor in Paradise, See, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and America’s Got Talent. I had ramen delivered for dinner.


Alan Jackson

TV Shows: Alone, America’s Got Talent, American Horror Stories, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Brother, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Chernobyl, Crash Landing On You, Debris, Drag Race: Holland, Golden Girls, Kevin Can F**ck Himself, Love Island, Modern Family, Never Have I Ever, Pen15, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Schmigadoon!, See, Survivor, Ted Lasso, The Bachelorette, The Hills: New Beginnings

Movies: Baby Mama, Free Guy, The Exorcist (Director’s Cut), The Kissing Booth 3

Gratitude: getting home safely, my car, rainstorms, Shinah getting our concert tickets, packing backpacks for Vivint Gives Back, nice drive to work, going to lunch with Kenzie, playing pool with Shae, Taylor Swift, AC, slow afternoon, organizing my stuff, cleaning, chilling on the couch with Kylie, going to a concert with my parent’s and grandma, chilling in bed in the morning, new shows, feeling productive, waking up early, having Green Me smoothies at work, Kenzie coming over, team lunch, dinner with Ciara and Nathan, night in alone, flexible work schedule to get in late, a lot of new music dropped, playlists, yummy food trucks, hanging out with Sarah T., sitting in the tub, lazy days at the house, productive off days, Kylie being home, Kenzie got my lunch for me, going to dinner with my mom, Dutch Bros, team interview for a potential person on our team, rainy weather, Bachelor in Paradise started, rainy mornings, quick plasma donations, my Taylor Swift sweater, productive but busy work days, chatting with Zac, dinner and hanging out with Brittany and Kassidi, visiting my grandma, Colten and Destiny offering the car for the trip, that we all traveled safely, had a great night with great people, fun pool days, the warmth, getting plans squared away, a fun night, Colten and Destiny’s car having massage seats, safe drive, got Ben Platt tickets, seeing Chase, Marissa, and the kids, flexible work schedule, cereal, seeing Taylor, Kaitlyn, Rick, Michele, and Rocky, working with Chase at the soda shop, hanging out with the kids, ending the night watching a show with Chase and Marissa, Marissa’s yummy tomato soup, going to the movies with Chase, Marissa bringing dinner home, getting off work early, playing games with Rick and Michele, Chase taking me to McCall, great find at a thrift store, playing with the kids in the front, making funny TikToks, safe drive home, first date with a cute guy, working from home, getting new, shorter nipple piercings, new episode of Pen15 to laugh at, working from my bed, Doordash