Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

November 2021

November 1: I woke up early, published my October blog recap post, did budget stuff, paid rent, and posted in the book club group. I went to Draper for an appointment. I went into the office. I bought a ticket spur of the moment to a Spring Awakening concert with the original cast, flights, and […]

October 2021

October 1: I worked in the office. Marco and I got lunch from the Thai food truck and chatted at my desk. I headed up to Ciara and Nathan’s after work. We hung out, had pizza delivered, started a scary movie, and switched to watching funny videos. October 2: I went to Men’s Wearhouse and […]

September 2021

September 1: I worked from home. I watched the following throughout the day: Bachelor in Paradise, America’s Got Talent, and American Horror Story. I went to Walmart and then back on the couch to work more. I put on America’s Got Talent and got caught up on my journal. I put together my August blog […]

August 2021

August 1: I got on the road around 9. I got McDonald’s, stopped in Cedar for snacks, and got to Salem around 3. I got caught up on Love Island and posted my July recap blog post. Kylie and I had dinner and watched Big Brother. Fell asleep with my window open listening to the […]

July 2021

July 1: I posted my June recap blog post and paid rent. It is our department’s first official day back in the office. Katie brought in donuts. Ben, Kevin, Shannon, Brittany, Kenzie, Katie, and I went to Maria Bonita’s for lunch. I had leftovers for dinner and watched America’s Got Talent. I did laundry, took […]

June 2021

June 1: I went to Dutch Bros and then went into the office. We had a team welcome lunch for Shannon with Katie, Ben, Kevin, Jonathan, and I at Aubergine. I went to Target after work. Kylie and I made pasta for dinner and watched Drag Race. She had Crumbl delivered, yum. June 2: Kylie […]

May 2021

May 1: Kylie, Shinah, and I went on a hike. I had a lazy afternoon. Shinah and I met up, ran errands, got food at Vegan Bowl, and then went to Estefany’s 21st One Direction themed birthday party in Salt Lake. We hung out with Andrea and Dan. May 2: I spent the day at […]

April 2021

April 1: I went to get a rock chip fixed and then headed into the office. I watched Kenan, The Masked Singer, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, and The Oprah Conversation. I posted my March blog post recap. Kylie and I went to a few places to look for beds. I went to her place […]

March 2021

March 1: I worked at my parent’s. I watched American Idol. I went on a walk during my lunch break and figured out Halsey concert ticket refunds. I got Fat Jacks for dinner and watched The Bachelor. March 2: I worked at my parent’s. I finished In Pieces by Sally Field. My mom and I […]

February 2021

February 1: Up early. Stopped at Payson Market to get stuff for lunches this week. I posted my January blog recap post. I started the Selena series. Got a COVID test after work (negative). I finished the Selena series and watched The Bachelor. February 2: Iced coffee. Parent’s for work. I uploaded my Costa Rica […]