Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

January 2022

Journal Recap:

January 1: I cleaned up the kitchen, paid rent, got caught up in my journal, and got ready. Tasha and I went to Sugar House Coffee, got a picture in front of Beauty Lab & Laser, went to Blue Boutique, and then Elemental Inspirations. I got a smoky quartz crystal, another crystal, and insense with an owl insense holder. We had lunch with her family at Vertical Diner. I went to my parent’s house. I hung out with Dustin. Amanda and Bre came over for my mom’s birthday dinner. We had King Crab legs for dinner. Kylie and I watched The Alpinist. January 2: Kylie and I went to Smith’s and Starbucks. We had a lazy day on the couch watching Vanderpump Rules. I had a Moscow Mule and made dinner. We watched some of Impractical Jokers. I watched Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts and slept out on the couch. January 3: I did some cleaning and then went to The Coffee Shop. I did budget, journal, Instagram, and work stuff. I went to Walmart, the gym, and back home to watch Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas. Kylie and I watched The Bachelor and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. January 4: I went to Dutch Bros and worked in the living room. I listened to Will, Will Smith’s audiobook. I went to Walmart during lunch and set up our Dwelo Hub. We had a new person join our team today. I did some Fitness Marshall dances in the living room. Kylie and I went to Costco. We had dinner and watched Vanderpump Rules. January 5: I worked in the living room. I finished the audiobook: Will by Will Smith. I watched Kenan and then Kylie and I watched 9-1-1 Lonestar and the season premiere of The Amazing Race. I Doordashed dinner. January 6: I set up in the living room for work. I watched Drag Race: Italia during my lunch. I had Armageddon on in the background throughout the afternoon. Kylie got home and we watched Abbott Elementary, Painted With Raven, and 1000-lb Sisters. I watched My Octopus Teacher and went to bed. January 7: I packed and stopped at Starbuck’s before picking up my mom. We drove to Las Vegas. We went to a place called Ichabod’s Lounge and Restaurant for dinner. We spent the night chatting, laughing, and watching Napoleon Dynamite. January 8: My mom and I went to Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesar’s Palace for drinks and appetizers. We hung out at the Airbnb after and had a nap. We made our way to Resorts World. We were stopped in traffic behind a bus. The car behind me merged out and got hit. The impact of the hit pushed their car into my driver’s side. I worked with the police officer and got a report. The driver in the car that hit me was handcuffed and taken away after a sobriety test. We got to the hotel, free parking, and a worker named Diego helped get us to our seat. Katy Perry’s residency is called Play. It was super quirky and fun! Diego had the wheelchair ready for us. We stopped at McDonald’s on the way home. My mom fell asleep and I watched Big Mouth. January 9: We were out of the Airbnb before 11. We made a couple of pit stops which included getting food at The Creamery in Beaver. We got to Salem at 6:30. I helped bring everything in. I went home, unpacked, ordered food, and Kylie and I watched the premiere of the new Drag Race season and Vanderpump Rules. January 10: I worked in the living room. I submitted my accident claim with Bear River. I watched Drag Race throughout the day. Kylie and I went to Walmart, Smith’s, and brought KFC home for dinner. We watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and Vanderpump Rules. January 11: I went to McDonald’s and got an iced coffee. I worked in the living room. I went to FedEx and the bank during lunch. I watched the Euphoria special episode part 2 with Jules. I watched Kenan and then Kylie and I watched: 9-1-1 Lonestar, The Bachelor, and Vanderpump Rules. I ended the night watching Big Mouth. January 12: I went to Dutch Bros and then working in my living room. I went to a doctor’s appointment at 3. Kylie and I went to Walmart. I had dinner and we watched The Amazing Race. It was announced that our Hamilton show was postponed. Amanda and Bre got their wedding pictures back. January 13: We had our team virtual lunch today. Shae had Doordash sent to our homes. I had sushi. We had a Marketing Town Hall meeting as well. I watched Drag Race throughout the day. Kylie and I met up with Raquel at the Orem Cinemark. We watched Scream 5. It was so good! January 14: I worked at The Coffee Shop in the morning. I went and had Kristi cut my hair during my lunch break. I stopped and got Del Taco for lunch and worked the last half of the day at my apartment. I watched Drag Race and started All-Stars season 1. I went to Kaylee’s surprise birthday party at her grandma’s in Mapleton. We had Mexican food, played a game, chatted, watched a picture slideshow, and had cake. January 15: I went to Walmart and Costco. I picked up Wendy’s for lunch. Kylie and I watched Fall of the House of Murdaugh and Vanderpump Rules. I went to Amanda and Bre’s. We ordered dinner. Colby and Aubray came over and we hung out. January 16: I watched David Archuleta’s video he posted on his Instagram and then Jeff Ross and John Mayer driving Bob Saget’s car home. I went to my parent’s house. We watched Grease and the 49ers game. Amanda and Bre came over and we had dinner. I went home and watched Big Mouth. January 17: I had work off today. I met up with Amanda at The Coffee Shop. I bought her, Kylie, and I a cup that says Love All, Serve All. We went to The Crystal Ray. I got a couple of crystals and an owl ring. I went to the Orem Cinemark and watched: Betty White: A Celebration for her 100th birthday. Delite and I met up at the mall. We had dinner at Red Lobster. Kylie and I watched Abbott Elementary and RuPaul’s Drag Race. January 18: I worked in the living room. I got some chores done throughout the day. I watched Painted With Raven. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules. January 19: I worked in the living room. Brittany came over and gave me cookies. I watched Euphoria, Kenan, and put on Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer. Kylie got home and we watched Abbott Elementary, Vanderpump Rules, and The Amazing Race. January 20: I went to Dutch Bros and then went into the office. Zac, Dayna, Eli, and Ben were there. My Ray Ban’s for my birthday gift were at my desk. We had our Digital Marketing All Hands today. I went to Walmart, had dinner, and Chase and I chatted about our Instagram account. January 21: I went to McDonald’s for an iced coffee and then went to my parent’s to work for the day. My mom had TLC shows, Dr. Phil, and Daddy’s Home throughout the day. Our Hamilton tickets were rescheduled but are now on a day I’ll be out of town. I called them and was able to switch 2 tickets to a night that worked for Sarah and I and then Brittany and Mitchell are keeping the rescheduled date. I called State Farm again to figure stuff with my car. Appointment is now moved to Thursday morning. I went to my cousin Kylie’s house. She waxed my nose. I stopped and visited with my grandma. Kylie and I watched Scream and 1,000-lb Sisters. January 22: I did some stuff for my grandma and then headed over to Amanda and Bre’s. We went to Best Buy, Chili’s, the liquor store, Wandering Stone, Home Goods, Costco, and Target. We hung out at their place after and had Little Ceasar’s delivered. I spent the night. January 23: I headed home. I organized the drawers and under the sink in my bathroom. I started a load of laundry and then did some budget and journal stuff. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules. January 24: I went into the office. I watched some of Drag Race and then Euphoria. I picked up some packages. I watched Big Mouth and Seinfeld. January 25: I went into the office. I watched a SEO webinar during lunch. I headed up to the Traverse Outlets and met up with Kallie. We had dinner at Slapfish and then went to Sub Zero. January 26: I went to The Coffee Shop to work for the morning. I went home during lunch and worked from there the rest of the day. I went up to where Kylie is dog sitting. We watched Vanderpump Rules, ordered Thai, and watched The Amazing Race. January 27: I went to Ken Garff Autobody shop. I had to leave my car. Enterprise picked me up and I got a rental. I worked from home the rest of the day. I watched Drag Race, The Walking Dead, Sister Act, and A Very Brady Sequel. January 28: I worked in the living room. I watched Drag Race throughout the day. Kylie came home. We watched 9-1-1 Lonestar, Abbott Elementary, and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. January 29: Bre’s grandma passed away and they were doing an estate sale. I went over and got a few things. I stopped at FedEx and then went over to my grandma’s. Shinah, Kaylee, and I hung out at Kassidi’s. We had Papa Murphy’s for dinner and played Five Crowns and Mario Party. January 30: I did some laundry, journal, and budget stuff. I watched Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer and Seinfeld. I went over to Amanda and Bre’s. Bre and I moved a couch and dresser up and went to the store. We dropped stuff off at my parent’s and went to Brooke and Andrew’s. The 49ers lost. We had food, played games, and dealt with some drama. We got home around 1. January 31: I picked up my Walmart order and set up in the living room to work. I FaceTimed with my mom. I meal prepped during lunch. I chatted with Ken Garff, Enterprise, and State Farm to prep for my road trip this weekend. I watched Drag Race and Euphoria. Kylie and I went to our apartment gym. We then watched The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and got caught up on the current season of Drag Race.


Play, the Las Vegas residency, with Katy Perry

TV Shows:

1,000-lb Sisters, 9-1-1 Lonestar, Abbott Elementary, Big Mouth, Dr. Phil, Drag Race: All Stars, Drag Race: Italia, Euphoria, Fall of the House of Murdaugh, football, Impractical Jokers, Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer, Kenan, Painted With Raven, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Seinfeld, The Amazing Race, The Bachelor, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Walking Dead, and Vanderpump Rules


A Very Brady Sequel, Armageddon, Betty White: A Celebration, Daddy’s Home, Grease, Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, Long Shot, My Octopus Teacher, Napoleon Dynamite, Scream, Scream 5, Sister Act, The Alpinist, Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas


spending the day with Tasha, getting a smokey quartz crystal, a great dinner for my mom’s birthday, Sunday mornings, watching Vanderpump Rules all day, productive last day before going back to work, Dutch Bros, new team member, getting a at home workout in, sitting in the shower, finishing a great audiobook, The Amazing Race… the best show ever… starting, training a new team member, nights in watching shows with Kylie, safe travels, cute Airbnb, laughing and chatting with my mom, going to a Vanderpump restaurant, naps, safe in the wreck and there wasn’t too much damage, seeing Katy Perry with my mom, smooth drive home, having the other person’s insurance information for my accident claim, comfort shows… aka Vanderpump Rules, depositing money in the bank, coffee, doctor’s appointment, Amanda and Bre getting their wedding pictures back, virtual lunch, great marketing department, seeing Scream 5 with Kylie and Raquel, working at The Coffee Shop, haircuts, Kaylee being born, errand day, hanging out with Amanda, Bre, Colby, and Aubray, Mom, dad, Amanda, Bre, days off, finding an owl ring, Betty White, hanging with Delite, Doordash, Brittany bringing me cookies, Dutch Bros, being in the office, working at my parent’s, bumming around days, organizing things, funny shows, hanging with Kallie, iced coffee, making progress with Chase on our Instagram account, getting a car rental, watching shows, getting some chairs, hanging with Kassidi, Shinah, and Kaylee, feeling good after a workout… aka lifting big items, pickup orders, productive day, getting back to the gym