Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

June 2021

June 1: I went to Dutch Bros and then went into the office. We had a team welcome lunch for Shannon with Katie, Ben, Kevin, Jonathan, and I at Aubergine. I went to Target after work. Kylie and I made pasta for dinner and watched Drag Race. She had Crumbl delivered, yum. June 2: Kylie and I carpooled into the office but had to stop at Walmart on the way because I forgot to put on deodorant. We had our summer BBQ at the park. We ate, listened to music, and played games. Kylie and I watched Drag Race and I packed for Los Angeles. June 3: Kylie took Shinah and I to the airport. We boarded at 6:30. We rented a car, went to a few stores, and then the beach. We checked in to our Airbnb and got ready. We ate downtown and went to the Lakers playoff game against the Suns. They lost and are out. I got a nosebleed in the nosebleeds. We were the last row, but it was fun. June 4: Shinah and I went to Universal Studios. We went straight to Jurassic World and then The Mummy ride. We ate and then went on the Studio Tour. We explored Harry Potter World and got sick on the ride. I got a frozen butterbeer. We went to the animal show and then headed home. I ordered a banana split and we watched part of Jennifer’s Body. June 5: We went to Santa Monica for a Bachelorette pop up. I got a box full of Bachelorette goodies. We went on a drive and saw the Hollywood sign, drove through Calabassas, and then sat on the beach in Malibu. We drove down the Pacific Coast and had some delicious ramen for dinner. June 6: We checked out the Grammy museum downtown. We ate at Yardhouse and then drove past the American Horror Story murder house. We hung out at a beach near Redondo. We chilled on the rocks, saw crabs, and then headed back to the Airbnb. June 7: We left the Airbnb and went and got pizza. We hung out at Hermosa beach and explored the area. We got to the airport around 6, took a shuttle, chilled at our gate, and landed in Salt Lake around 11. Kylie picked us up and took us home. June 8: I worked from home. I went to Great Clips in the afternoon to get a haircut from Kristy. I took a nap after work. Kylie and I then watched the premiere of The Bachelorette. June 9: I worked in the office. Kylie and I had lunch from a burger food truck. I worked on freelance stuff until 8:30 when I got home. I got Del Taco for dinner. We recorded the podcast and then watched Drag Race. June 10: Kylie and I stopped at Beans and Brews and worked in the office. I went to lunch with Brittany and Jacob at TRUreligion Pancake & Steakhouse. I read for book club. I did more freelance stuff when I got home, made dinner, and we watched Drag Race. June 11: I worked in the office. I got food from a Hawaiian food truck for lunch. Ben and I led book club today. Kylie and I headed up to her cousin Camden and Cat’s house in Sugarhouse for her graduation party. Met new friends and hung out in their backyard. June 12: I went to A Quiet Place Part II at the Megaplex at Thanksgiving Point with Chase, Caleb, Ciara, and Nathan. I then went to the Gammon’s house. They had Emma’s birthday party. We chilled on the couch, listened to music, drank, and played games. June 13: I went up to Amanda and Bre’s. We hung out in the pool with Heidi, Devin, Colby, and Lucy. Bre got home from work and Andrew and Emma came. I showered, went to Walmart, and then headed over to Dave and Julie’s. They had a BBQ since Chase and Marissa are in town. Becca and Ben were there too. We had good food, played volleyball, and ended the night playing games inside. June 14: I worked from home today. i went to Walmart during lunch and brought back Jimmy John’s. Kylie worked from home as well. Madisen, Santi, and Mateo came over. Kylie babysat Mateo and we watched Drag Race. June 15: Kylie and I got Beans and Brews and went into the office. I worked on freelance stuff after work and got caught up on my journal. I put the outline together for the podcast and cleaned up the photos on my phone. June 16: The iHeartRadio Music Festival lineup was announced. I went to McDonald’s and then headed into the office. Cupbop for lunch! I took a nap when I got home from work. Kylie and I recorded the podcast and went got dinner and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. We watched Drag Race. June 17: I went and worked at my mom’s today. We went to the pharmacy during lunch. I helped out with some stuff around the house. My grandma and I went to dinner at T-Bone and then I helped her out with stuff around her house. June 18: Chase, Marissa, Capri, Addy, Ciara, Nathan, Chad, Kina, Charlotte, and Chantelle went to Lagoon. The girls went on all of the rides. Chase and Marissa brought a cooler with drinks and snacks. Taylor Swift announced Red will be out November 19th. We left the park around 8. I showered, had leftovers, and hung out for a bit with Kylie and her friend Braden. June 19: Kylie and I went to Beans and Brews. I got ready and went to Dave and Julie’s. We went to Chuck-e-Cheese for Addy’s birthday and then the Colur Studio for a photo session. We hung out at Dave and Julie’s after. Chase, Ciara, Nathan, and I ate dinner at Moochie’s. Went back for cake, piƱata, games, and the hot tub. June 20: I listened on Zoom Marissa’s parent’s farewell talk in Katy, Texas. I went down to my parent’s for Father’s Day. Amanda, Bre, Andrew, and my grandma came over. We had dinner and hung out. June 21: I went to the apartment gym. I worked in the office. I had leftovers for dinner and watched America’s Got Talent. Kylie and I watched The Bachelorette. We went to the American Fork Vasa. I walked on the treadmill and sat in the steam room. June 22: I worked in the office. Bananagrams at the table during lunch. I started a show called Kevin Can F**k Himself. I went to the mall, Old Navy, and Trader Joe’s after work. Ate dinner and Kylie and I went to the apartment gym. June 23: I worked in the office. Kylie and I recorded the podcast during lunch. I dropped a massage gun off to Shae after work. I went to a park in Bluffdale. Taylor, Kaitlyn, met Rocky, their baby, Rick, Michele, and Grant are in town. We had pizza and played pickle-ball. June 24: I worked in the office. Had a Green Me smoothie for lunch. I went to the Fashion Place mall after work. I got some stuff at Lush and then two Britney Spears shirts at Hot Topic. Met up with Danielle, Jessica, and Mick at Red Robin. I went to Vasa. June 25: I worked in the office. Kenzie and I went to the All-Hands summer party. We had food and went down a big slip n’ slide. I got tickets for the iHeartRadio Daytime show. Colten, Shinah, and I went to see Fast 9. June 26: Kylie and I donated plasma. Her sister and her family came over and we hung out in the pool. I met Ciara and Nathan at Tate’s house in Bluffdale for his Summerween pool party. June 27: I went to Walmart. Kylie and I watched The Hills, Drag Race Down Under, and started season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. June 28: I went to the gym and worked from home today. I watched the following throughout the day: Kevin Can F**k Himself, Big Sky, Zoey’s EP, and AGT. I went and gave plasma. Made dinner and Kylie and I watched Drag Race. June 29: I worked out. Before heading into the office, I went to the Utah County Health Department to get my second Hep A dose 6 months post Costa Rica. I watched America’s Got Talent throughout the day. I chatted with Sarah. Kylie and I watched America’s Got Talent. Cat came over and brought us roses. We watched The Bachelorette. Kylie and I looked up spoilers. June 30: Kylie and I went to Beans and Brews and then into the office. We recorded the podcast during lunch. We went to Spanish Fork after so Kylie could get the run-down on the pets while we are in Michigan. We went back home, had dinner, and watched Drag Race.

TV Shows: America’s Got Talent, Big Sky, Drag Race Down Under, Kevin Can F**k Himself, RuPaul’s Drag Race, The Bachelorette, The Hills: New Beginnings, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Movies: A Quiet Place Part II, Fast 9, Jennifer’s Body (part of it)

Gratitude: morning coffee, drives to the office from the apartment, team lunches, Kylie ordering cookies, carpooling with Kylie, team BBQ, Kylie taking us to the airport, safe flight, easy car rental process, toes in the sand, seeing a Lakers playoff game in the Staples Center, fun day at Universal Studios, having a frozen butterbeer, getting to go on Jurassic World, getting some Bachelorette swag, Shinah driving us around, more beach time, having delicious food, seeing cool stuff at the Grammy museum, especially two of Taylor Swift’s dresses, seeing crabs at the beach, pizza, relaxing at our gate, safe flight, Kylie picking us up, being able to still work from home, getting my haircut, a new season of The Bachelorette, freelance work, Del Taco, nights on the couch with Kylie watching Drag Race, Beans and Brews, lunch with Jacob and Brittany, meal tickets are back at work, BBQ at Cat and Camden’s, meeting new friends, seeing a movie with Chase, Caleb, Ciara, and Nathan, hanging out with the Gammon crew, swim day at Amanda and Bre’s, family BBQ’s at Dave and Julie’s, everyone that brought good food, meeting baby Izzy, work from home days, Jimmy John’s, meeting baby Mateo, Kylie driving to work, new team member to help out with reports, productive evening, iHeart lineup was announced, naps, helping my mom with some stuff, dinner with my grandma, fun Lagoon day with family, my Taylor Swift necklace came, celebrating Addy’s birthday, getting some photos taken at Ciara’s Colur Studio, listening to Rick and Michele’s farewell talk, my dad, getting to the gym in the morning and at night, playing Bananagrams with coworkers, seeing family, playing pickle-ball, dinner with Danielle, Jessica, and Mick, seeing rainbows on the way home, getting to the gym, work summer party, popcorn, that Kylie and I were able to donate plasma, sunscreen, pool parties, lazy day to catch up on shows, getting to the gym, being able to give plasma for my second visit, vaccines, rain, chats with Sarah, watching shows with friends, Blake Moynes, having Green Me smoothies available for lunch, seeing Amanda and crew