Mr. Cody Pike

Avid concert goer, pop culture fanatic, TV binger

November 2020

November 1: Slept in. Went to my parent’s and put together my October recap blog post. We had dinner and watched game shows. November 2: Kylie and I went to the gym. Went to Costco with my mom. I watched The Voice and Dancing With The Stars. Had dinner and watched Armageddon and chatted with Tasha. November 3: I went to the gym. Kylie and I carpooled up to the office today. I watched Dancing With The Stars. Kylie and I went to Panda Express for lunch. Politics talk with Zac. Kylie and I headed up to Amanda and Bre’s to have dinner and watch the election coverage. November 4: Met with a health coach at Revere Health. Went into the office close to 11:30. Brittany was in. We had lunch and went on a walk. Kallie and I recorded the podcast. I got dinner and watched Matilda. November 5: I worked at my parent’s. Had dinner with Danielle at Jessica and Mick’s. We went to a hip hop class and then watched The Bachelorette. November 6: Kylie and I went to the gym. I worked in the office. It was Jacqueline’s last day. We had her going away lunch at Zupa’s. I went to Kaylee’s parent’s after work. We had pizza, watched Mean Girls, and played SkipBo. November 7: Kylie and I went to the gym. While we were there, they called the race for Biden! We went to Starbuck’s. Met back up and went up to Amanda and Bre’s. We had dinner, recorded an episode of Amanda’s podcast, and hung out. November 8: Headed home and took a nap. Went to my parents and worked on my journal. We watched The Office and Step Brothers. Headed home and watched The Goonies. November 9: Went to the gym with Kylie. Snowy day. Worked at my parent’s. I meal prepped and read Midnight Sun. November 10: Went to the gym with Kylie. Snoop Dogg video at Vivint dropped. Worked at my parent’s. I watched Dancing With The Stars. Headed home, had dinner, watched The Masked Singer, and The Bachelorette. November 11: I went to the gym. Worked at my parent’s. Stayed after to record the podcast with Kallie. November 12: I went to the gym. Worked at my parent’s. I ran some errands during lunch. I packed for the weekend and listened to new music. November 13: I picked up Kylie and Shinah and we were on the road by 6. Listened to the Oregon Crew playlist. We passed through Chase and Marissa’s town around 1. Rough patches because of the weather. Very pretty scenery. We got into Portland around 7. Went to the store, got pizza, and hung out at our Airbnb and went from watching Hoarders, to Scary Movie 5, to Fortune’s comedy show on Netflix. November 14: We stopped at VooDoo Doughnuts. Rainy day. We made our way to Astoria. We drove around the town, saw the Goonies tower, went to the jail which is a small Oregon Film museum. I got some Goonies merch. Made our way to Cannon Beach and checked into McBee Cottages. Downpour all day and night. We ate at Mi Corazon Mexican Cuisine and then hung out in our cottage. November 15: We went to the beach to see Haystack Rock. Made our way to Tillamook to tour the creamery. Had some food and ice cream. On our drive back along the coast, we made several pit stops to walk the beach. We hiked Short Sand Beach trail. I love the greenery. We had dinner at Driftwood. Kylie and I tried an oyster shooter. We watched part of the People’s Choice Awards and fell asleep to whale sounds on Spotify. November 16: Made our way to Ontario, Oregon to Chase and Marissa’s. Clear roads, great scenery. The kids had decorated the dining room and they had picked up Italian food for dinner. Marissa made a cake as well. We played a few different games. We slept upstairs and watched a few episodes of Broad City. November 17: Hung out briefly in the morning and was on the road around 11. We listened to podcasts on the drive home. We got home around 6. I met up with Destiny, Colton, Makayla, Amanda, and Bre at Sushi Ya for my birthday dinner. Chatted with my grandma when I got home and went to bed. November 18: I slept in and then headed to my parent’s to work. Went to Kylie’s after work and we recorded the podcast episode. She is my new cohost. I got Del Taco for dinner after. November 19: Telehealth appointment with my health coach. Worked at my parent’s. Went home during lunch to clean up my room and unpack from the trip. Went over to Kylie’s after work to talk social strategy for The Pop Addicts. Miley Cyrus released her Prisoner music video with Dua Lipa. November 20: New Music Friday! I worked at my parent’s. I watched President Nelson’s message at 11 about #GiveThanks. My friend Jenna is in town from Texas and I haven’t seen her for over a year. We had dinner at Sizzle, she paid!, and then we went and watched the movie Freaky at the Orem Cinemark. November 21: Lazy morning. My grandma had brought home a special from work that I had for lunch. I went to Amanda and Bre’s around 6 for Lucy’s birthday party. Colby, Brooke, and Andrew came as well. We had pizza and hung out. I slept over. November 22: Amanda, Bre, and I went to breakfast at Penny Ann’s. Headed home and then to my parent’s house. Amanda and Bre came over. We had crab ravioli for dinner and watched the American Music Awards. November 23: Kylie and I went to the gym. Stopped at Walmart, home, and then to my parent’s to work. I watched the following throughout the day: A Million Little Things, Dancing With The Stars, and The Voice. I made dinner. My grandma and I watched the Dancing With The Stars finale. Kaitlyn Bristowe WON! November 24: I went to the gym. Worked at my parent’s. My mom and I ran errands during lunch. I watched Lovecraft Country and The Masked Singer throughout the day. Headed home and watched Shawn Mendes’ In Wonder documentary on Netflix. I then watched The Bachelorette. November 25: I went to the gym and watched folklore: the pond studio sessions on Disney+ while on the treadmill. I went to my parent’s to work for the day. I went over to Kylie’s after work and we recorded the podcast. November 26: I went to the gym and stopped and got my grandma an iced coffee from McDonald’s. I watched the Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and part of the dog show. I helped my grandma with getting stuff ready for dinner. Amanda, Bre, Dustin, and my mom came around 3. My dad is sick and couldn’t make it. Today is my 8 year work anniversary at Vivint. I went over to Andrew’s house in Spanish to hang out for the evening after cleaning up after Thanksgiving. November 27: Went to the gym with Kylie. Packed, cleaned up, and went to my parent’s. I worked for a bit and then headed up to Amanda and Bre’s for Cousins-giving with Destiny, Colten, Gabe, and Makayla. We had food, listened to music, and hung out. I spent the night. November 28: I went and walked around Ikea, RC Willey, and Ashley’s. Amanda and Bre left for Park City. I watched The Voice and The Oprah Conversation and then took a small nap. Went and got dinner. Kylie came over. We watched a couple of shows and then went to bed. November 29: Kylie and I went to Dutch Bro’s and then watched the first episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Amanda and Bre got home. We stayed to hang out. We watched the following movies: The Peanut Butter Falcon, Booksmart, Yes, God, Yes, and then Door Dashed Wingers. We watched part of Step Brothers and then headed home. November 30: Headed to my parent’s to work. I watched The Oprah Conversation, The World Beyond, and The Amazing Race throughout the day. I went to the gym after work. I watched the Disney Christmas Sing-a-long and CMA Country Christmas with my grandma.

Gym/Workout Count: Went to the gym 7 times with Kylie, 9 times by myself, and to a hip-hop class with Jessica and Danielle. 17/30 days, not too shabby.

TV Shows: A Million Little Things, American Music Awards, Animaniacs, Broad City, CMA’s Country Christmas, Dancing With The Stars, Disney’s Christmas Sing-a-long, Hoarders, Lovecraft Country, Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, People’s Choice Awards, The Amazing Race, The Bachelorette, The Masked Singer, The National Dog Show, The Office, The Oprah Conversation, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Voice, The World Beyond

Movies: Armageddon, Booksmart, folklore: the pond studio sessions, Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty, Freaky, In Wonder, Shawn Mendes’ documentary on Netflix, Matilda, Mean Girls, Scary Movie 5, Step Brothers (Twice), The Goonies, The Peanut Butter Falcon, The Peanut Butter Falcon

Music: Midnight Sky with Stevie Nicks, What That Speed Bout!? with Nicki Minaj, Little Mix’s new album, and Kylie Minogue’s new album, Monster by Shawn Mendes featuring Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato on a Jeezy song, Cold Feet by Chord Overstreet, Megan Thee Stallion’s new album, Prisoner by Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa, Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish, Resilient remix by Katy Perry and Tiesto, Holiday by Lil Nas X, 3OH!3, Paris Jackson, Kelsea Ballerini and Shania Twain, All I Want For Christmas Is You by Kelly Clarkson

Fitbit Steps: Total steps: 246,568 . Average per day: 8,218.93.

Gratitude: sleep, reviewing my October, chatted with Tasha, darker at night (grateful for this depending on the day), working in the office, honey walnut shrimp, pasta, seeing a health coach, lunch walks with Brittany, Matilda, Jessica made us dinner, a fun hip hop class, Georgia flipped blue, my coworker Jacqueline, Kaylee paying for dinner, they finally called the race for Biden, hanging out at Amanda and Bre’s, naps, dinner at my parent’s, watching childhood movies, energy at the gym, meal prepping, reading, video with Snoop Dogg dropped at work, 1-1’s with my manager, my mom‘s Costco card, luggage, new music, my car, good music, scenery, safe travels, experiencing the Oregon rain, the cool houses and museum in Astoria, our quaint cottage, sunny morning and afternoon, seeing Haystack rock and the ocean, grilled cheese sandwich, Shinah and Kylie, safe drive, seeing Chase, Marissa, and the kids, them buying my dinner, having a cake, having the kids sing Happy Birthday to me, game night, listening to podcasts on the long drive, turning 30, having sushi for my birthday dinner, getting back into the schedule of things, recording with Kylie, Del Taco, telehealth appointments, pictures, President Nelson’s kind voice, Jenna paying for my dinner, hanging out with her, lazy days, Little Caesar’s pizza, hanging out with friends, breakfast with Amanda and Bre, my mom made me a cake, Taylor Swift winning artist of the year at the AMA’s, going to the gym with Kylie, Kaitlyn winning Dancing With The Stars, running errands with my mom, my grandma. and Jody cleaned up the kitchen area to prepare for Thanksgiving, waking up bright and early rested, Taylor releasing the pond studio sessions, getting to the gym on Thanksgiving, the parade and dog show, my grandma putting in so much work for Thanksgiving, Tums, cousins, leftovers, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, lazy Sundays, Door Dash, productive day, getting to the gym, Christmas music