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November 2022

Journal Recap for November 2022:

November 1: Taylor Swift announced The Eras Tour this morning. I went into work and registered for tickets. I took down the Halloween decorations. We went to Trader Joe’s during lunch. Kylie and I watched Midsommar. November 2: Slow work day from home. I started and finished I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy. It snowed throughout the day. I met Shelbie and Andrea at Vessel Kitchen in Salt Lake at 5:30. We had dinner and then went next door to Spilled Milk Ice Cream and Cereal Bar. We went to the Vivint Arena to see Latto and Lizzo. It was such a fun show. November 3: I went into the office. Our team presented our 2023 initiatives this morning. I went to Trader Joe’s after work. I watched some of Bachelor in Paradise and posted work Halloween pictures. Kylie and I watched Abbott Elementary, I made dinner, put on Drag Race UK, and I got caught up on my journal. I went into my room and did more journal stuff and posted my October blog recap. I pieced together the new music Friday playlist and listened to that. I updated my concert account and posted those videos as well. November 4: I worked in the living room, went to Walmart during lunch, and listened to my new music Friday playlist throughout the day. I watched Bachelor in Paradise, made dinner, and Kylie and I watched AHS: NYC. November 5: Very lazy day today. Spent most of the day in bed sleeping. Kylie and I headed up to Salt Lake around 6:30. We saw Bobby Miyamota, Wendy Liebman, and David Spade at the Eccles. We got some Del Taco after and got caught up on The Amazing Race. November 6: I got ready, started laundry, and Kylie and I went to Beans and Brews. We watched Survivor and Dahmer. I went to Salem. My dad and I went to visit my mom at the hospital. I went over to my grandma’s for dinner. I then went over to Maddi’s for cake and ice cream for Kylie’s birthday. November 7: I got ready and went into the office. Sarah, Kenzie, and I took a little break to listen to Anti-Hero (Feat. Bleachers) remix in my car. I watched Bachelor in Paradise and The Kardashians throughout the day. I went to Ciara and Nathan’s. We went to dinner at Osteria Amore. We then went to The Union and saw Chappell Roan and Fletcher. November 8: I dropped off my ballot and headed into the office. Kylie and I moved the couch around, cleaned, and set up our Christmas decorations. We watched The Santa Clause. November 9: I went into the office. Zac and I went to Holy Taco for lunch. I went to Payson after work to my grandma’s. We went and visited my mom at the hospital. I went over to my dad’s after to hang for a bit. November 10: I went into the office. Brittany and I went to Michael’s during lunch and then she got gas at Costco. I had a meeting and then got food in the cafe that I ate at my desk. I watched Bachelor in Paradise. I stopped at the liquor store after work to get some wine. Sarah came over. We had dinner and watched Lindsay Lohan’s new movie on Netflix: Falling For Christmas. Sarah left and Kylie and I watched RHOSLC. Pieced together a TikTok, the new music Friday playlist, and went to bed. November 11: I worked in the living room today. I listened to the new music Friday playlist and went to the VW dealership during my lunch break. Dustin’s coworker checked out my tire. I watched The Kardashians and Love is Blind. Kylie got home. We watched Down to Earth with Zac Efron, I made dinner, and then we watched Survivor, The Amazing Race, and finished Dahmer. November 12: Up, listened to an audiobook, fell back asleep, and got up around 11. I got ready, did some cleaning, and watched Love Is Blind in the living room. Kylie and I watched AHS: NYC. While she napped, I watched Big Mouth and then went to bed. November 13: I showered, had some coffee, and watched 9-1-1, The White Lotus, some of Drag Race Italia, and then Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules throughout the rest of the day. November 14: I stopped at Dutch Bros and then went into the office. I got my code for Taylor Swift verified fan which was a relief because some people didn’t get them until later on in the day. Target run with the team during lunch. I went to the store after work. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules while I made a bowtie pasta for the work potluck tomorrow. November 15: I dropped my car off at the shop and Kenzie picked me up to take us to work. The Ticketmaster site kept crashing and they pushed our on-sale time to 4. We had our work potluck. I was part of the 2000+ crew in the queue. I waited over an hour. Tried like 4 different times but it kept saying someone else got the tickets. Was finally able to snag 2 that were the Ready For It VIP tickets. So relieved. Kenzie and Jackie got their tickets too. My car wasn’t ready so Kenzie dropped me off at my apartment. I watched some of 9-1-1 and took a bath. November 16: I worked in the living room. Kylie picked me up at lunch to take me to pick up my car. Put on Love Is Blind. I made dinner, continued watching Love Is Blind, and went to bed early but stayed up watching TikTok’s. November 17: My 32nd birthday! I got ready and went to Dutch Bro’s. Chatted with the barista about Taylor Swift. I got a free drink and she wrote on the cup: “Happy Birthday fellow Swiftie.” I headed into the office. The team put up a banner and some balloons. When Jen got out of her meeting, she came over and I opened up the presents they gave me. They gave me a crock pot and Affirmations In Taylor Swift Lyrics that were in a frame. How nice! Read the cards the department gave me as well. We had our daily stand up and then went to the theater for the project team’s offsite presentation. I spun the birthday wheel and landed on a record player. Shannon let me know the budget was $150. Had a sync and then our team went to Happy Sumo for lunch. I had my 1-1 with Shae and we played foosball. I remembered Carrie Underwood was tonight so I looked to see what tickets were available. There were still $100 GA floor seats. I spun around to Kenzie and asked her if we should go. She called Jackie, and then tickets were purchased. I stayed after work for a little and then headed to their house. We stopped for food and then went to the Vivint Arena. We walked down to the floor and were on the side of the cat walk. Jimmie Allen opened and then Carrie Underwood performed. We ran to the back stage and were so close for when she sang Jesus, Take The Wheel and How Great Thou Art. It was such an amazing show. I dropped them off, picked up Del Taco, and got home. Kylie had a birthday banner, a cake, and got me a Jolene blanket and a really cool crystal tree. Great birthday! November 18: I went to work at The Coffee Shop. Had a couple of meetings and then headed back home. I did some cleaning. I went to Walmart, stopped at a Thai restaurant, and dropped them off to my mom because she currently has COVID. I headed home. I ordered Cupbop for dinner. Kylie and I watched Abbott Elementary, RHOSLC, AHS: NYC, and then I put on Big Mouth and Seinfeld. November 19: I woke up around 8, made a to do list for the day, showered, and got ready. I cleaned out my closet, drawers, and reorganized my book case to make way for my new record player. I watched The Kardashians and Bachelor in Paradise. I sat in my chair and got caught up on my journal. I had lunch. I made a plan to get caught up in writing in my journal as well. I did budget and weight loss challenge stuff. I posted stuff from the Carrie Underwood concert. I unfollowed people on Instagram and cleaned up notes in my phone. I scheduled plasma for next week and put when to go to the gym on my calendar as well. I hung up the decorative cards I got off Amazon throughout my room. I dropped off a bag to the DI and went to the car wash. Went through it and then cleaned inside of my car. I went to My Pride Tattoo and talked to the piercer there. She gave me some recommendations and where to go. I went to Smiths and then the gas station for a blue Powerade. I organized the stuff in my trunk and went up to my apartment. I kept listening to podcasts and wrote down what I did today. Kylie got home after 6. I made pasta for dinner. We watched Drag Race UK, Canada’s Drag Race vs The World, Survivor, and the Amazing Race. Headed to bed. November 20: I woke up after 8, showered, and got ready. I put on Love Is Blind and had McDonald’s. Emptied the dishwasher and took out the trash. I finished season 1 of Love Is Blind. Shinah and I booked our flights for Florida. I put on The Walking Dead and did journal stuff. I had KFC for dinner. November 21: I started Glee again. I went into the office. I stopped at Harmon’s after work. I made dinner and watched Love Is Blind and Bachelor in Paradise. November 22: I did some cleaning and went into the office. Had a very productive work day. Kylie and I watched Vanderpump Rules, Smile, and part of Step Brothers. I was falling asleep, so I went into my room. November 23: I woke up at 6, put on podcasts, and got out of bed after 8. I did the dishes, laundry, and worked in the living room. We watched the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special at the Geneva Megaplex. I went back home for a bit, collected my stuff, and went down to my grandma’s. I helped her and Jody prep for Thanksgiving. I went to Taco Bell, Wendy’s for my brother, and headed over to my dad’s. We watched Jeopardy and best Thanksgiving moments on Saturday Night Live. I spent the night. November 24: I woke up, chilled in bed, got ready, watched some of Bachelor in Paradise, and headed over to my grandma’s around 11. Worked on various dishes. We watched the Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Legends of the Guardians. Dustin and Gaige came over. The food was delicious. We chilled and cleaned up. Ended the night watching the National Dog Show and Vanderpump Rules. I spent the night. November 25: I woke up and went back to my dad’s house. I finished the Bachelor in Paradise episode, showered, and got ready. I listened to podcasts and did some work at the kitchen table. I got caught up on my journal and bought some Christmas gifts online. Dustin and I went to a few places, got KFC, and ate back at the house. I watched Vanderpump Rules and Love Is Blind. Dustin and I made a plate of leftovers and watched Big Daddy and part of Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke. I was falling asleep so I went into the room. November 26: I got ready, cleaned, and headed home around 10. I stopped at Cattle Creek coffee. I did laundry, organized a kitchen cupboard, cleaned up the fridge, and sat on the couch. I sent a questionnaire to Kaylee, Kassidi, Andrea, and Shinah. I watched Love is Blind. Kylie came home. We watched Drag Race UK, started Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, switched to Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, which we bought, and then started season 6 of Vanderpump Rules. November 27: I got ready, took the trash out, went to Walmart, and got breakfast from McDonald’s. I watched Vanderpump Rules. I wrote in my journal. I left after 12 to head up to visit my mom. We chatted and played pool. I updated the calendar on the fridge, watched Love Is Blind, and had Panda Express. Went into my bedroom early and watched TikTok’s. November 28: I headed into the office. I watched an episode of Glee. Kenzie and I went to Target during lunch and I got some boots. I went to the Vivint gym after work and walked on the treadmill for an hour. I watched the finale of season 2 of The Kardashians. I stopped at Jimmy John’s on the way home. My new backpack came. I watched Love is Blind and called my mom. November 29: Cleared off the snow and headed into the office. Brittany, Kenzie, and I went to Target and Costco. We had the Iran vs U.S. game on. I sent out Sub for Santa information to the department. I stopped at the store on the way home. I made dinner and watched Love is Blind, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, Seinfeld, and the Savage X Fenty Show. November 30: I went through my Spotify Wrapped for 2022. Taylor Swift is my top artist. Hot water isn’t working. I went and got a haircut from Kristi. I worked in my bedroom. Jacob, Brittany, and I had lunch at Zupa’s. I did some cleaning after work. I sat on my bed, got caught up on my journal, and chatted with my mom. I had dinner and watched Vanderpump Rules.


The Special Tour with Lizzo and opening act Latto

Girl of My Dreams Tour with Fletcher and opening act Chappell Roan

The Denim & Rhinestones tour with Carrie Underwood and special guest Jimmie Allen

TV Shows:

9-1-1, Abbott Elementary, American Horror Story: NYC, Bachelor in Paradise, Big Mouth, Canada’s Drag Race vs The World, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Down to Earth with Zac Efron, Drag Race Italia, Drag Race UK, Glee, Jeopardy, Love Is Blind, Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, National Dog Show, Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, Saturday Night Live, Savage X Fenty Show, Seinfeld, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, The Walking Dead, The White Lotus, Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, Vanderpump Rules


Big Daddy, Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke, Falling For Christmas, Legends of the Guardians, Midsommar, Smile, Step Brothers, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, The Santa Clause


I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy


Taylor finally announcing a tour, Trader Joe’s trip with the team, starting and finishing a book in the same day, hanging with Andrea and Shelbie, seeing Lizzo perform again, smooth presentation at work, feeling productive, productive day, new music, stocking up on groceries, catching up on sleep, seeing David Spade with Kylie, coffee run mornings, hanging out with the Tischner’s, Taylor Swift dropping remixes, seeing Fletcher, trying new restaurants, voting, new living room arrangement, Christmas decorations, a cozy apartment, lunch with Zac, visiting my mom, wine, watching a new Lindsay Lohan movie, working from home, chill night in watching TV, sleeping in, chill day, another chill TV day, getting my verified fan presale code for Taylor Swift, feeling motivated to make something for the work potluck, work potluck, getting tickets to Taylor Swift, taking a bath, my car being fixed, Kylie being there to be able to take me to pick up my car, free drink at Dutch Bros, amazing coworkers, great gifts, getting to go to lunch with the team, everyone who reached out to me, seeing Carrie Underwood, Kylie’s thoughtful gifts, flexible work so I could be there for my mom, night in with Kylie, having a very productive day and getting stuff checked off on my to do list, chill day in my room, starting Glee again, feeling motivated, having a productive day at work, watching a new scary movie, awesome department, seeing Guardians early, helping my grandma, spending the night over at my dad’s, my grandma, great meal, FaceTiming with my mom, chilling on the couch, bumming around with Dustin, getting some Christmas gifts bought, watching movies with Dustin, cleaning and organizing, visiting my mom, catching up on writing in my journal, getting new boots, getting back to the gym, snow, team watching the U.S. vs Iran game, Sub for Santa approaching, getting fully caught up on Love is Blind, Spotify Wrapped, haircuts, going to lunch with Jacob and Brittany

I hit my 10 Year Vivint Anniversary on 11/26/2022: