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So, you’re new to the ward…

I’m sorry that I’m a day late with this post. For the past week, I have focused on spiritual goals. I haven’t been to church since the beginning of January and I found out my ward got a new bishopric. I met with the new bishop last Wednesday night and attended church this past Sunday. […]

So, you’re a college grad…

Well, I did it. I’ve graduated. When I look back at the past six years, it seems like a dream. My last semester, the busiest one I’ve ever had, was my most fun semester. 18 credits, working full-time and a PR trip to Los Angeles later, I’m ready for the real world. What’s next? I’ve […]

SLC PR Excursion

I was able to go up to Salt Lake last Friday with the UVU PR crew. We had appointments with Richter7, Intrepid and Saxton Horne. Below are some “Golden Nuggets” I wrote down at these meetings. Richter7:  Interview Tips: Show up 3-5 minutes early, dress professionally, bring your typo-free resume, bring something to write on and […]

Teaching UVU PR Students.

I had the opportunity to teach students in my PR Case Studies and PR Campaigns class yesterday about our trip to Los Angeles. I went through each day, what we did, who we met with and “Golden Nuggets” I learned from the people we met. Below are the slides I presented: One student walked in […]

Trip Summary.

Reading what needed to be done to prepare for the PR trip in Los Angeles was overwhelming. It was important that I broke up the to-do-list so I could successfully accomplish each item. It was assigned to read The New York Times Business and National sections Monday through Friday. Reading these sections for the two […]

Know all!

Today was the Regional PRSSA Conference at Cal-State Fullerton. We arrived at the university around 9:30 a.m. and they had the welcome and chapter roll call. When they called Utah Valley University… we stood up and chanted: PR PR, Utah Valley. WE ARE, WE ARE, the PR CREW! The keynote speaker was Todd Cooley. He […]

Taco Bell!

Today was another awesome day! We had the chance to tour Taco Bell’s headquarters. We met with Matthew Prince. He is the PR & Newsroom Manager at Taco Bell. We were able to listen to a few of the employees and get their advice. My favorite advice: Be there for people. Send congrats and keep up […]

Universal Studios Hollywood

We left the hotel around 8:30 to head toward Universal Studios Hollywood. Traffic wasn’t too bad and we were at the park before it opened. We started the day in the lower lot and went on: Transformers 3D, Revenge of the Mummy and Jurassic Park (my personal fave). We ate lunch at Moe’s in Springfield. […]